We create stunning homes


Brolga creates stunning homes that are inspired by the rust-red ranges, limestone cliffs and turquoise seas of Australia. Design and build your new home with Brolga and it will be much more than just a place to live, it will be an inspiration.


You can almost picture this home as a limestone outcrop surrounded by greenery in a jungle up north. The way parts of the home hang over the ground level and the layered stone path that leads up to the front mimics what is found in nature.


This home has won many awards both here and overseas and is the result of a collaboration between Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects and Brolga.


Brolga is all about keeping the home-building process simple. From the initial meeting through to handing over the keys, being open and honest with costs and deadlines is a given. This transparency comes courtesy of Co-construct – your home’s online home while it is being built. When your project begins, you will get online access to see up-to-date information about how the build is progressing including financials, photos, milestones and more. Working with Brolga means you can be confident that your project is going to plan and to budget. You can also download the Co-construct app for 24/7 access wherever you happen to be.